.69 Caliber Buck and Ball

Nice examples of .69 caliber buck and ball projectiles.  these examples were dug outside of chattanooga, TN and have been reconstructed using hot glue to hold the smaller projectiles in place.  

Price:  $8 each 

.69 Caliber Tower Bullet - M&M #217

Excellent example of a .69 caliber Tower bullet for a rifled musket. The cavity is a shallow cone.  This bullet was excavated in Corinth, MS and "Corinth, Miss" is written on the side of the bullet.

Price: $120

Excavated .54 caliber Burnside Cartridge

A nice example of an excavated Burnside cartridge.  One side is dented but the caertridge still displays nicely.

Price $45

Excavated .50 caliber Maynard Carbine Cartridge

Very nice condition excavated Maynard Carbine cartridge.  Recovery location unknown.

Price $45

"L" Base .577 Caliber Enfield Bullet

Nice patina on this "L" BAse Enfield bullet.  Someone has written the type on the bullet itself as additional pictures show.

Price: $28

Confederate Suhl 2 Groove Bullet


Price: $28

Savage Revolver Bullet .36 Caliber


Price: $25

Type I Williams Cleaner

Nice example of a Type I Williams Cleaner Bullet.  The zinc scouring device is still attached to the base of the bullet.

Price: $18


.577 Caliber Lube Groove Enfield Bullet - M&M #350

Bullet has the Mason and McKee #350 written on it as seen in the additional photos.

Price: $28


Hall Pattern .56 Caliber Bullet - M&M # 640

Bullet has the Mason and McKee #640 written on the base as seen in the additional photos.

Price: $40

Selma Arsenal Ringtail Sharps - M&M #180

Selma Arsenal Ringtail Sharps carbine with 2 recessed rings.  .56 caliber bullet.

Price: $22