Mississippi Cavalry Coat Button

This is one of the rarer Confederate buttons to recover.  Solid button in excellent shape with straight shank.  No repairs or damage.  Has the Hyde and Goodrich / N.O. backmark.  These don't come around every day.  This one was dug at a Confederate winter camp in Fosterville, TN, just south of Murfreesboro. 

Price: $875

Dug Confederate Officer's "Droop Wing" Coat Button

Very pretty excavated Confederate Officer's "Droop Wing" Coat Button.  Nice chocolate brown patina with vague hints of gilt.  Shank is slightly bent but strong.  this button was dug in Murfreesboro, TN.

Price: $275

Excavated Confederate "Block I" Infantry Coat Button

This is a very pretty Block I button with a nice woods patina that accents the "I".  Back is in good condition with intact straight shank. Verbal provenance is that it was dug in virginia but exact recovery location unknown.

Price: $145

Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button CS-5

Pristine condition CS-5 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button.  100% gilt and hard to upgrade from this one.  Top shelf Confederate button.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $295

Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b

Pristine Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b.  100% gilt and hard to updgrade from this one.  Matching button to the coat button above.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $275

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Coat Button

Nice "droop wing eagle" Confederate Coat Button dug on private property near the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN.  Brownish green woods patina.  No shank remaining on the reverse.

Price: $200

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Button - CS26A

This is a nice C.S. Staff Officer's Button commonly referred to as a "droop wing eagle".  Brownish green woods patina.  Recovered on private property near Chicamauga.  Shank broken but partially intact.  Some gilt remaining on reverse.

Price: $225

Confederate Local "Block A" Artillery button

Two piece construction local Block A artillery button.  Shank is missing and there is minor rusting to back but it is completely solid.  Pretty, smooth chocolate brown patina.  Nice example of a dug artillery button at a reasonable cost.

Price: $145


Excavated Coat Size Block I Confederate button

Very nice excavated two piece coat size button with a smooth chocolate brown patina.  One slight indention at 11:00 but not a digger's mark.  Nice straight shank with "EML & Co. / Richmond" backmark.  Nice Confederate Infantry coat button.

Price:  $ 165

CSA General Service Button

This dug speciman is a very nice excavated example of this type of button.  This one is the same as 81 A in Albert's book.  The one difference is this one has no backmark.   The only two piece construction buttons of this style without a backmark are noted to be from the 1961 centennial in the book, however, specimans of this type have been recovered from Civil War sites that do not have a backmark but are without a doubt war date buttons.  Given the deep patina on this button, it is my opinion that it has been in the ground more than 50 years.  I believe this to be a war date button but wanted to provide you with all the information about it.  Recovery location unknown.

Price: $315

Excavated Coat Size Confederate Infantry Button

This coat size Confederate Infantry button has a brass front and an iron back.  The shank remains though it is bent over.  The button is stable and has a nice brown patina to the front.

Price: $ 95




Union General Service Cuff Buttons

These nice dug buttons are Union General Service buttons and having been dug fairly recently they are in excellent condition.. Yes, nice things are still coming out of the ground.  These two buttons were both dug within inches of each other along the second day's battle lines in Nashville meaning they would heva been lost on Devember 16, 1864.  How often can you peg a specific date to a relic?  Nice solid buttons with shanks attached.  If you are familiar with the area, these were dug in Green Hills.

Price: $25 each

Non-excavated Union Infantry Coat Button

Nice non-excavated example of a Union Infantry coat button.  Shank intact and good amount of gilt remaining.  "Horstmann Bros & Co, Phil" backmark.

Price: $35



Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Button - Non-excavated

Good non-excavated example of a Massachusetts Volunteer Militia button with state seal on the face.  "Extra Quality" backmark. 

Price $115

Excavated Union Infantry Coat Button

Nice woods brownish-green patina.  Shank intact but bent over and loose.  No backmark present.  No dents or dings.  Good solid example of an excavated Union infantry button.  Recovery location unknown.


Excavated Union Infantry Coat Button #2

Nice chocolate brown patina with highlighting gilt remaining.  Shank solid and intact.  "Extra Quality" backmark. Good excavated example.  Recovery location unknown.

Price $28

Excavated Union Infantry Coat Button #3

Nice excavated Union infantry coat button.  Dark patina with gilted highlights remaining.  Shank solid and intact.  Backmark Illegible. Recovery location unknown.

Price: $25