Beautiful Collector Arms That Highlight American History

Here at Nashville Civil War Relics, we buy and sell a wide variety of antique collector arms. Whether you’re searching for a musket, revolver, or bullet--contact us in Brentwood, Tennessee, for more information.

Beautiful antique arms in the Brentwood, TN, area

.36 Caliber Fluted Colt "Police" with Confederate Holster

This beautiful almost certainly CS carried firearm surfaced at the Tulsa PBS Antiques Roadsow.about 6 years ago.  Most Recently it came out of West Monroe, LA.  Beautiful early to mid-war production fluted Colt.  All serial numbers match with the exception of the wedge which was a common field replacement.  100% crisp with no repairs.  Has some pin point pitting throughout from oxidation.  Classic high qulity leather CS design holster with no finial closure and small belt loop on the reverse.  As Larry would say, "Hold this one up to your ear and hear it whistle dixie".

Price: Sold

An antique Colt New Line .22 available in Brentwood, TN

Colt Newline .22 Caliber

This Colt Newline is the smallest of the Colt pistols.  this pistol numbered 17297 waas manufactured in 1876.  This pocket model gun was highly carried in the west during the 1870's and 1880's.  The rosewood grips are in beautiful shape but  the nickel plating has begun to wear away, especially on the cylinder.  The Colt marking is crisp on the top barrel and faded but partially visiable on the side barrel.  Hndspring is broken as cylinder doesn't turn when cocked.

Price: Sold

Collector arms in Brentwood, TN, that take you back in time

New Model 1858 Remington Army Revolver

Fresh out of a 1950's era collection in Giles County, TN, this is a .44 caliber, six shot pistol with an 8” octagonal barrel.  Remington produced 122,000 of these and the serial number on this one is 63889 which is located under the trigger guard and left grip which denotes a production date of late 1863/early 1864. Remington serial number manufacture dates are notiously hard to pin down. Light, barely visible portion of the same serial number remains on the barrel under the loading lever. Top of barrel stamped “Patented Sept. 14, 1858/ E. Remington and Sons Ilion, NY/ New Model”.  Inspector cartouche bearing the initials BH for Benjamin Hannis are located on the right side grip. Other inspector markings are present on the gun. The action is strong and the patina is splotchy due to oxidation speckling with some small pitting throughout. Fair example of this type of firearm.

Price:  $1,150

Remington New Model Police Revolver

Fresh out of a 1950's era collection in Giles County, TN, this is a .36 caliber, five shot pistol with a 6.5” octagonal barrel known as the Police Model.  Remington produced 18,000 of these between 1863 and 1878.  The serial number on this one is 4339 which is located under the trigger guard and left grip.  Light, barely visible portion of the same serial number remains on the barrel under the loading lever.  I can't pin down the actual manfacturing date on this piece.  Top of barrel stamped “Patented Sept. 14, 1858/ E. Remington and Sons Ilion, NY/ New Model”.  No other markings on the gun.  The action is strong and it has a beautiful dark patina.  The trigger and hammer work fine but the handspring is broken and the cylinder does not rotate. There are reproduction parts available if you want to replace the handspring with a modern reproduction.   This is a very good example of this type of weapon.        

 Price:  $1,350

Affordable old muskets for sale in Brentwood, TN

ID'd 1853 Dated U.S. Springfield .69 Caliber Musket

This beautiful musket is fresh out of the family here in Middle Tennessee and was carried by John Basler of the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company "H".  The musket was acquired from John Basler's Great-Great-Great Nephew.  John Bassler was born in Switzerland in 1833 and immigrated to the United States several years before the war taking up residence in Michigan.  He joined the 3rd Michigan Cavalry and they were mustered into service at Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 1, 1861 and mustered out on March 15, 1866.  Interestingly John Basler was the Regimental Blacksmith which probably explains why he carried this type of weapon while serving in the cavalry.  The 3rd Michigan Cavalry was involved in the Western Theatre and participated in battles at Corinth, New Madrid, Island #10, Holly Springs, Lumpkin's Mills, Iuka, and fought with General Grant during the Mississippi Campaign.  In the winter of 1863-64 they were camped in LaGrange, Tennessee.  They left in May of 1864 headed to Little Rock, Arkansas and assisted in driving Confederate General Shelby beyond the Arkansas River and then marched on to Alabama where they were involved in the siege of Mobile at the end of the war.  John Basler moved back to Michigan and passed away on May 20, 1907 in Sanilac, Michigan and is buried in the Sanilac Cemetery.

The firearm itself is a Springfield .69 caliber musket dated 1853. It has a chocolate brown attic like patina.  This musket has not been altered in any way and remains in its original condition.  It is new to the market having been in the family's hands until just days ago.

Price: $1,825

Colt Model 1860 Army

The Colt Model 1860 Army was the quintiessential sidearm for the U.S. Army for the Civil War.  Approximately 130,000 of these revolvers were acquired by the U.S. Government during the conflict. Fresh out of a 1950's era collection in Giles County, TN this revolver is a .44 caliber, 3 screw model with a 6 shot cylinder and an 8" barrel.  It bears the serial number 122858 which denotes a manufacturing date of mid/late 1863.  Matching serial numbers including the wedge but it is missing the wedge screw and the wedge pin.  The loading lever is loose but stays seated.  The grips are in fine condition with small period chips in the front bottom corners.   Mechanics are perfect.  Barrel address is clear and reads “ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA”.  Cylinder scene has been completely buffed away. The “COLTS / PATENT” mark on the left side is still visible.  This is a classic wartiime example of this model revolver and with an original wedge screw and spring it would be a nice complete all matching specimen.

Price: $1,250

Model 1816, Type III Springfield Conversion Musket

This Model 1816 conversion musket is a .69 caliber and both lockplate and barrel are dated 1837.  Originally a flintlock smoothbore musket, this rifle was most likely converted to percussion in the 1850's as were many of these rifles.  Marked "Spring/Field/1837" behind the hammer and an eagle with "U.S." under it in front of the hammer.  The top of the buttplate is also marked "U.S.".  Good non messed with conversion musket.

Price: $1,295 - On Layaway

Providence Tool Co. .58 caliber Rifle Dated 1864

This rifle was a contract with the Providence Tool Co. and clearly marked "U.S./Providence Tool Co./Providence R.I."  The 1864 production date is printed behind the hammer.  The buttplate is also marked "U.S."  Two clear inspector cartouches are located on the flat of the stock opposite the lockplate. The weapon has not been altered in any way and is a beautiful example of a contract rifle.

Price: Sold