Authentic Pictures of Union Soldiers in Brentwood, TN

Do you enjoy collecting memorabilia and artifacts from the American Civil War? Whether you collect antique firearms, coins and paper currency, swords and bayonets, or antique soldier pictures, we carry a full selection of authentic pieces to add to your collection. Get in touch with us to find any type memorabilia including pictures of Union soldiers. Based in Brentwood, TN, Nashville Civil War Relics is a trusted provider of antiques and more.

1/6 Plate Confederate Soldier, Wife, and Child Photo

Nice grouping of a southern family.  Confederate soldier along with wife and young child.  This is one well armed Confederate soldier too.  He has his cavalry saber, a side knife, and a pistol in his belt.  The belt is the Confederate "Wishbone" style buckle.  His cavalry shell jacket appears to be a Ricmond Depot style jacket.  When I purchased, the gutta purcha case was all but gone.  I have been trying to find a new case for it but have not found one yet so it does not come with a thermoplastic case.

Price: $750

Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Print

This is a very fine example of a silver print from a copy negative circa 1900-1920.  It shows Confederate Gernal Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  Aproximate size is 5.5"x3.75"

Price: $40 

1/4 Plate Tintype of a Union Soldier

Very nice cased tintype of a Union Soldier with musket and bayonet.  There are a couple of small horizontal creases in the tintype across the thighs and across the knees that cannot really been seen in my photo.  The creases are light and do not detract from the presentation of the tintype.  Case is in good shape with both latches in working order.  The tintype is a little darker that what shows on my photo due to lighting.  This is a good solid 1/4 plate image of an infantry soldier ready to take on Johnny Reb.

Price: Sold

1/6th Plate Ruby Ambrotype of Little Drummer Boy and Soldier

Wonderful and unique photo of a Union soldier, double armed with both his musket and a side knife standing beside a little drummer boy.  The top of the plate,above the "white line" in the photo, is a little darker than what appears on this image.  An excellent image and content.

Price: Sold

Tintype Image of a Union Cavalry Soldier

This image is a 1/6 plate tintype of a Union cavalry corporal seated in front a of a patriotic theme backdrop.  He is not armed but holds his kepi in his hand.  He has some type of pin on his jacket that I can't make out.  The image is clear and the gutta purcha style thermoplastic case is in good condition with working clasp.  His cheeks have been tinted red for presentation purposes.  Nice clear image.

Price: Sold

Carrying a Variety of High-Quality Union & Confederate Soldier Pictures

No matter how many antique guns, bayonets, uniforms, or other Civil War artifacts, no collection is truly complete without authentic photographs and tintypes of real Civil War soldiers sporting their uniforms and carrying their rifles. Whether you’re looking for Union or Confederate soldier pictures or tintypes, we can find the right relic to complete your display.

Having antique soldier pictures in your collection display is a great way to discuss the culture in the United States at the time of the Civil War. Photography was a new technology, and for the first time, many families kept photos of their loved ones while they were away at war, meaning there are many antique photographs of soldiers of all ages, ranks, and backgrounds. Let us know what type of photos you’re searching for, and we’ll help you find the perfect addition to your display.

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