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.36 Caliber Fluted Colt with Confederate Holster

This beautiful almost certainly CS carried firearm surfaced at the Tulsa PBS Antiques Roadsow.about 6 years ago.  Most Recently it came out of West Monroe, LA.  Beautiful early to mid-war production fluted Colt.  All serial numbers match with the exception of the wedge which was a common field replacement.  100% crisp with no repairs.  Classic high qulity leather CS design holster with no finial closure and small belt loop on the reverse.  Hold this one up to your ear and hear it whistle dixie.

Price: $2,100

Large Size Confederate Forked Tongue Buckle

This buckle was dug in the in the Confederate winter camps along the Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  It has no bends and is a good solid example of this common type of Confederate buckle.

Price: $825

1/6th Plate Ruby Ambrotype of Little Drummer Boy and Soldier

Wonderful and unique photo of a Union soldier, double armed with both his musket and a side knife standing beside a little drummer boy.  The top of the plate,above the "white line" in the photo, is a little darker than what appears on this image.  A fair image with excellent content.

Price $725

Ames Model 1832 Artillery Short Sword

This Roman gladiator style artillery short sword was popular from the 1830's through the Civil War.  This 1832 sword is a first year production model.  This is an example of a Union made sword but these swords were produced by both armies during the war.  The stamping on the blade is very worn but reads "UNITED STATES/1832" on one side and "N P AMES/SPRINGFIELD" on the reverse.  The eagle above the Ames stamping is almost entirely worn away.  Beautiful blade on this harder to find 1832 dated sword.

Price: $695 

1861 dated Ames Cavalry Saber

This is one piece that was certainly there and saw action.  Check out the top ring mount and the amount of wear - this one spent many hours in the saddle.  The grip is in good shape with wire intact.  On the grip, some leather is worn through to the wood from extensive use.  There are 2-3 small nicks in the blade possibly from war time usage as patina matches the rest of the blade.  The scabbard has several "crimps" along it to keep it from rattling while riding on horseback.  Super cool piece that shows natural war time wear.

Price: $1,050

Providence Tool Co. .58 caliber Rifle Dated 1864

This rifle was a contract with the Providence Tool Co. and clearly marked "U.S./Providence Tool Co./Providence R.I."  The 1864 production date is printed behind the hammer.  The buttplate is also marked "U.S."  Two clear inspector cartouches are located on the flat of the stock opposite the lockplate. The weapon has not been altered in any way and is a beautiful example of a contract rifle.

Price: $1,650

ID'd 1853 Dated U.S. Springfield .69 Caliber Musket

This beautiful musket is fresh out of the family here in Middle Tennessee and was carried by John Basler of the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company "H".  The musket was acquired from John Basler's Great-Great-Great Nephew.  John Bassler was born in Switzerland in 1833 and immigrated to the United States several years before the war taking up residence in Michigan.  He joined the 3rd Michigan Cavalry and they were mustered into service at Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 1, 1861 and mustered out on March 15, 1866.  Interestingly John Basler was the Regimental Blacksmith which probably explains why he carried this type of weapon while serving in the cavalry.  The 3rd Michigan Cavalry was involved in the Western Theatre and participated in battles at Corinth, New Madrid, Island #10, Holly Springs, Lumpkin's Mills, Iuka, and fought with General Grant during the Mississippi Campaign.  In the winter of 1863-64 they were camped in LaGrange, Tennessee.  They left in May of 1864 headed to Little Rock, Arkansas and assisted in driving Confederate General Shelby beyond the Arkansas River and then marched on to Alabama where they were involved in the siege of Mobile at the end of the war.  John Basler moved back to Michigan and passed away on May 20, 1907 in Sanilac, Michigan and is buried in the Sanilac Cemetery.

The firearm itself is a Springfield .69 caliber musket dated 1853. It has a chocolate brown attic like patina.  This musket has not been altered in any way and remains in its original condition.  It is new to the market having been in the family's hands until just days ago.

Price: $1,825

Pair of Personal Letters from Franklin, TN dated May, 1863

These two letters were written in May 1863 by Private Joseph E. Boyd of the 115th Illinois Infantry Regiment, Company D while stationed in Franklin, TN.  He is working on the breastworks at Ft. Grainger.  He, like most soldiers of the time, felt the war would be over soon and he would be headed home.  

Private Boyd joined the Regiment at 19 years old in September of 1862 and was killed in action at Dalton, GA on October 13, 1864.  He is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetary.  During his time of service, his company was involved in action at Chicamauga, Atlanta, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and Altoona Pass.  After his death they would go on to fight at Franklin and Nashville.

Price: $295

1/4 Plate Tintype of a Union Soldier

Very nice cased tintype of a Union Soldier with musket and bayonet.  There are a couple of small horizontal creases in the tintype across the thighs and across the knees that cannot really been seen in my photo.  The creases are light and do not detract from the presentation of the tintype.  Case is in good shape with both latches in working order.  The tintype is a little darker that what shows on my photo due to lighting.  This is a good solid 1/4 plate image of an infantry soldier ready to take on Johnny Reb.

Price: $395

Confederate $50 Note - T14

This note has Moneta seated by treasure chests and a sailor at left.  This note is in uncirculated condition with a serial number of 700.  You can't upgrade this one.  Beautiful example.

Price: $265

Reduced to Sell  $200

Non Excavated Maynard Flat Nose Cartridge by Poultney

Excellent condition non excavated Maynard .50 caliber brass cartridge covered with paper wrapper.  This Maynard cartridge was produced by Poultney.  Much more scarce than the non Poultnery flat top Maynard cartridges.

Price: $50

Reduced to Sell  $45

Excavated Hotchkiss Rifled Artillery Projectile

The is a very pretty example of a 3" rifled artillery Hotchkiss projectile with no flame grooves.  It was recovered many years ago on private property in Port Hudson, Louisiana.  It has been drilled in the side and disarmed.  Percussion fuse and lead band sabot fully intact.  It has been cleaned and coated and is ready for display.  You can still read "Hotchkiss Pattern Oct 9, 1855" on the base. 

Price $335

Nice 1840's / 1850's era Powder Horn

This is a good solid example of a pre war powder horn for firearms.  Many Confede4rates left home in 1861 to join the war effort with their personal hunting rifle and equipped with a similar powder horn.  Great example of a transitional piece that began the war in great quantity and all but disappeared by the end of the war.

Price: $120

Confederate $50 Note - T8

Nice crisp uncirculated $50 Confederate note with George Washington's portrait in the center. "For" before "Treas'r" is printed, not handwritten.  This is a "C" series note with serial number 25410.  This note is printed on thin paper stock.  It is dated July 25, 1861, mere months after Virginia seceded from the Union.  One small nick in the upper left corner.  A rare note in excellent condition. 

Price: $450

Reduced to Sell  $350

Confederate $5 Note - T34

Nice crisp uncirculated $5 Confederate note.  It has a portrait of C.G. Memminger (first Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederate States) in the center and Minerva at right.  It is dated September 2, 1861. It is black print on plain paper with the "CSA" watermark in block letters (only the "SA" are visible.  It is cut cancelled and has the serial number 24647.  This is a top shelf note without a single crease in it and it would be extremely difficult to ever upgrade from this beauty.

Price: $440

Reduced to Sell  $350


Confederate $5 Note - T36

This note is in almost uncirculate to uncirculated condition.  It shows Commerce sitting on a bale of cotton in the center and a picture of a sailor at left.  It is dated September 2, 1861.  this is a series 10A with a serial number of 64900.  This is a harder to find note in this condition.

Price: $250

Reduced to Sell  $200

Confederate $2 Note - T42

This $2 note is in uncirculated condition and shows the South striking down the Union in the center and a photo of J.P. Benjamin at left.  It is dated June 2, 1862.  It is series 10 and bears the serial number 15849.    Impossible to upgrade this one.

Price: $225

Reduced to Sell  $175

Non-Excavated Spencer Carbine Cartridge

This is a beautiful speciman of a non-dug Spencer Carbine cartridge completely intact. 

Price: $35

Reduced to Sell  $30

CSA General Service Button

This dug speciman is a very nice excavated example of this type of button.  This one is the same as 81 A in Albert's book.  The one difference is this one has no backmark.   The only two piece construction buttons of this style without a backmark are noted to be from the 1961 centennial in the book, however, specimans of this type have been recovered from Civil War sites that do not have a backmark but are without a doubt war date buttons.  Given the English construction of the shank and the deep patina on this button, it is my opinion that it has been in the ground more than 50 years.  I believe this to be a war date button but wanted to provide you with all the information about it.  Recovery location unknown.

Price: $315

Excavated Confederate "Snake" Buckle

These style buckles were manfucatured in England and brought to the states mostly by blockade runners.  They commonly came with the belt rig associated with the Enfield rifle.  They were worn mostly by Confederates but some Union soldiers were outfuitted with this type of buckle as well.  The is a very pretty example of a snake with a snake head.  It would have attached to loops on either side.  The recovery location of this relic is unknown.

Price: $150 

Excavated Model 1840 Cavalry Sword

This is one super cool relic - a complete excavated Model 1840 Cavalry sword.  It was dug on private property with permission at Brandy Station, VA.  The Battle of Brandy Station was the largest cavalry engagement of the war pitting Federal forces under the command of General Alfred Pleasanton against Confederate forces under the command of General J.E.B. Stuart at the start of the Gettysburg campaign.   This sword is in great relic condition with the only flaw being a bent tine on the guard possibly from a horse falling on top of it during the engagement.  This could be the centerpiece of any dug relic collection.  You won't see another one of these for a long, long time.

Price: $1,575

Model 1858 Federal Bullseye Canteen

This is a Model 1858 bullseye canteen in good condition. Stopper and chain in great condition and still attached but no linen sling.  It still has it's original butternut wool cover attached. A good solid example of a bullseye canteen.

Price: $325


Excavated Union Hotchkiss Shell

Excavated 3- Inch Federal Hotchkiss shell in three parts.  The three parts were not dug together but all three parts were dug on private properties along Tyne Boulevard in Nashville where the 2nd day Battle of Nashville occurred on December 16, 1864.  Timed fuse shell with flames grooves on the exterior and filled with case shot. 

Price: $290

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Coat Button

Nice "droop wing eagle" Confederate Coat Button dug on private property near the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN.  Brownish green woods patina.  No shank remaining on the reverse.

Price: $225

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Button - CS26A

This is a nice C.S. Staff Officer's Button commonly referred to as a "droop wing eagle".  Brownish green woods patina.  Recovered on private property near Chicamauga.  Shank broken but partially intact.  Some gilt remaining on reverse.

Price: $225

Excavated Coat Size Block I Confederate button

Very nice excavated two piece coat size button with a smooth chocolate brown patina.  One slight indention at 11:00 but not a digger's mark.  Nice straight shank with "EML & Co. / Richmond" backmark.  Nice Confederate Infantry coat button.

Price:  $ 165

Model 1816, Type III Springfield Conversion Musket

This Model 1816 conversion musket is a .69 caliber and both lockplate and barrel are dated 1837.  Originally a flintlock smoothbore musket, this rifle was most likely converted to percussion in the 1850's as were many of these rifles.  Marked "Spring/Field/1837" behind the hammer and an eagle with "U.S." under it in front of the hammer.  The top of the buttplate is also marked "U.S.".  Good non messed with conversion musket.

Price: $1,295

Excavated Coat Size Confederate Infantry Button

This coat size Confederate Infantry button has a brass front and an iron back.  The shank remains though it is bent over.  The button is stable and has a nice brown patina to the front.

Price: $ 95

.69 Caliber Tower Bullet - M&M #217

Excellent example of a .69 caliber Tower bullet for a rifled musket. The cavity is a shallow cone.  This bullet was excavated in Corinth, MS and "Corinth, Miss" is written on the side of the bullet.

Price: $120

Excavated 24 Pound Solid Shot Cannonball

 This is a very pretty excavated 24 pound solid shot cannonball. It was excavated years ago and is coated to prevent any further oxidization.  This cannonball is about as smooth as they come.  It was excavated in Vicksburg, MS.  Vicksburg fell into Union hands on July 4, 1863.  Because of that, for the next 82 years the city refused to celebrate the 4th of July holiday remembering 1863 instead of 1776.  It was not until 1945 amid the patriotism of the closing of WWII that the city would again begin to celebrate the July 4th holiday.  Great condition harder to find cannonball size.

Price: $265

1861 Ames Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword

This 1861 Ames NCO sword is in great shape with leather scabbard intact.  There is one crease in the leather scabbard below the throat but no weak spots.  Markings on the blade are sharp and clear with a blade you can see your reflection in.  A good solid example of an NCO sword for your collection.

Price: $695

Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button CS-5

Pristine condition CS-5 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button.  100% gilt and hard to upgrade from this one.  Top shelf Confederate button.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $295

Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b

Pristine Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b.  100% gilt and hard to updgrade from this one.  Matching button to the coat button above.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $275

Model 1842 U.S. Springfield .69 Caliber Smoothbore Musket

This beauty is straight out of an estate in Rutherford County, Tennessee and most likely Confederate carried.  It is an 1842 model Springfield .69 caliber musket dated 1853. It has a chocolate brown attic kept patina.  This musket is right as rain and has not been altered in any way.  If you want a .69 caliber musket that was most likely Confederate carried and "saw the elephant" this is it!

Price: $1,650

Confederate  "Georgia Frame" Buckle

This is a nice excavated example of a "Georgia Frame" buckle.  This buckle was dug in McMinnville, TN and has a slight bend in at as found.  It is the standard style plate 152 in Mullinax's book.  Perfect starter Confederate buckle for your collection.

Price: $585

Tintype Image of a Union Cavalry Soldier

This image is a 1/6 plate tintype of a Union cavalry corporal seated in front a of a patriotic theme backdrop.  He is not armed but holds his kepi in his hand.  He has some type of pin on his jacket that I can't make out.  The image is clear and the gutta purcha style thermoplastic case is in good condition with working clasp.  His cheeks have been tinted red for presentation purposes.  Nice clear image.

Price: $275

Non-dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate

Excellent condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval Union cartridge box plate.  This plate has a beautiful, never cleaned patina.  The reverse has full lead and both loops perfectly intact. 

Price:  On Hold

Non-dug U.S. Oval Buckle

Excellent condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval belt buckle.  Nice bronze patina with arrow hook attachments.  If you want an iconic relic of the Civil War, this is it. 

Price: $315