Union Buckles and Plates

Model 1851 Non-Comissioned Officer's Belt and Buckle

This is a very fine example of a Model 1851 N.C.O. belt and cast brass Eagle sword belt plate.  The belt is in excellent condition and remains pliable with Inspector's cartouche.  The Eagle sword belt plate has a very pretty, rich, aged, bronze patina.  The silver wreath remains 100% intact.

Price: $650

Union Breastplate

Very nice dug example of a lead filled Union eagle breastplate.  this plate was recovered on private property in Franklin, TN.  The plate is in good shape but the attachment loops on the back are missing.  This is a nice example of this type of accountrment from one of the fiercest battles in the Western theatre of the war.  As Sam Watkins, an infantryman in the 1st Tennessee, so eloquently descibed in his book Company Aytch - the battle of Franklin was the finishing stroke to the Southern Confederacy.

Price: $120

Non-Excavated Id'd U.S. Buckle

This non-excavated buckle was prurchased from the family of the soldier.  It belonged to Private S.L. Lowe, Company F, 15th Regiment, Massachusetts Troops.  This Regiment was part of the Army of the Potomac and suffered the 10th highest casualty rate among U.S. troops during the war.  These troops founght at Antietam, Fredricksburg, Gettysburg, the Wilderness Campaign, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor and the Siege of Petersburg.  They suffered 50% losses at Antietam alone. A nice Id'd Union Buckle that saw the elephant in some of the fiercest battles of the Civil War.  Letter from the family included.

Price: $ 350  Sold

US Oval Belt Buckle on Original Leather Belt

Absolutely stunning US buckle on brown leather belt.  This one was most likely non-issued.  Leather is pliable and there are no tears, breaks, or bends.  Top of the line speciman for your collection.  

Price: $695

Excavated Militia Belt Plate circa 1812

This is a nice example of a less common early militia belt plate.  It has a nice dark chocolate patina and no repairs.  This is the same as figure #169 in the Kerksis book.  The two iron belt keepers on the reverse have rusted away though a small portion of one remains.  The belt attachment bar is separated on one end but still remains sturdy.  This is a very nice example of a rarer style 1812 militia plate.

Price: $595  On Hold

Model 1851 Union Sword Belt Plate

This is a Union Sword belt plate in beautiful non excavated condition.  It is cast brass with applied silver wreaths.  The keeper still has a piece of belt attached.  The patina on the buckle and the keeper are a little different so I'm not 100% sure they have always been together but it is the correct keeper and displays beautifully.

Price: $450

Union Carbine Sling Buckle and "Batwing"

This is a nice carbine sling buckle with brass belt tip or "batwing" as it is commonly known.  It has a nice woodsy patina and all 4 brass pins remain on the batwing.  The two tongues move freely on the sling buckle.  These were recovered together in the vicinity of Ft. Donelson.

Price: $160

Model 1839 "Baby" U.S. Buckle

Non Excavated model 1839 U.S. Buckle commonly calld the "Baby" U.S. buckle.  This speciman is in very good condition.  The arrow hook on the back has been shaved down and it can be clearly seen where that was done.  Given the even patina across the reverse of the plate the alteration was done 150+ years ago.  It would be hard to upgrade from this one.

Price: $425

Non-dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate

Excellent condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval Union cartridge box plate.  This plate has a beautiful, never cleaned patina.  The reverse has full lead and all both loops perfectly intact. 

Price:  On Hold

Non-dug U.S. Oval Buckle

Excellent condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval belt buckle.  Nice bronze patina with arrow hook attachments.  If you want an iconic relic of the Civil War, this is it. 

Price: $315

Non-Dug U.S. Oval Buckle

This is a nice condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval belt buckle.  Given the finish on the face of this one, someone many years ago tried to shine it up with Brasso.  The face is beginning to patina back out but that doesn't detract from this beauty.  It is of the arrow hook variety and displays nicely.

Price: $245

Dug U.S. Oval Belt Buckle

Dug lead filled U.S. belt plate of the arrow hook variety.  Greenish brown patina. About 90% lead remaining and some light flaking of the brass around the edges.  One rust spot on the reverse but not shown through on the front.  This buckle has the left handed hook attachments.  A good solid dug plate for a reasonable price.

Price: SOLD


Non-dug U.S. Oval Buckle

This is a solid buckle with a rich bronze aged patina.  Some dimpling on the front from period use and obvious belt marks on the reverse.  If you want a non-dug buckle that shows good, honest use, this is it!

Price:  $235

Non-dug / early battlefield pick up U.S. Oval Buckle

This particular buckle looks like an early battlefield pick up.  If it was an early pick up there is no known recovery location.  It has the appearance of being out in the elements for a period of time but not in the ground.  This one has the arrow hook attachments and there is one small area of rust on the reverse.  A good solid common plate of the Civil War.

Price:  Sold