The items displayed on this page do not reflect what the politically correct naysayers would have you believe.  These pieces of not about Nazi sympathy, anti-Semitism, or some type of radical neo-Nazi support.  Quite simply these items were war trophies brought back by WWII veterans.  These brave men, many of them barely old enough to vote, faced an evil and sinister enemy and defeated them on battlefiends from the shores of Normany to the shores of Iwo Jima.  To these men the term "to the victor belong the spoils" was a common sentiment.  Each of these items came at a heavy price that too many today don't understand or appreciate.

We are losing our WWII vets at an alarming rate.  Please consider picking up the tab at restaurants or the grocery store when you encounter them to let them know their service and their sacrifice is appreciated.

Hitler Youth Knife with Motto RZM M7/51 1936

Nice early example of a Hitler Youth Knife with the etched motto "Blood and Honor" on the blade.  Not mint, this knife saw actual usage.  It has normal wear and tear to the dagger itself and normal paint loss to the scabbard.  It has a steel base with nickel plating and the grip plates are the early checkered black bake-o-lite.  The Hitler Youth insignia is in perfect condition with fine enamel and good bright red, white, silver and black swastika colors. The scabbard is a straight steel tube type with its original black paint.  The black leather belt loop and retainer loop are still in good condition.  The snap button works fine.  Overall, a very good example of an early Youth knife.

Price: $975.

Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger – E. & F. Hörster

It is unusual to see an early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger made by E. & F. Hörster. This is a fine dagger, having solid nickel mounts throughout, with good silvering over the nickel.  The grip is of carved wood covered in a dark Moroccan leather. There is very little wear to the leather and the grip is tightly wrapped with a skein of three brass wires.  The scabbard is completely straight throughout and covered in dark Moroccan leather. Only a few tiny wears to the leather that occur naturally over seventy years.  Photos show 2 small nicks and a few light creases in the leather.  The scabbard mounts are also in great condition, still having their silvering over the solid nickel base.  The nickel chain hanger is in place as well as the snap clip.  The blade of this dagger is of highest quality, nickel-plated and in near mint condition with a mirror finish. There is one tiny nick in the blade about an inch from the tip which is barely visible in the photos. 

This is a very fine, early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger. It is completely untouched and in very fine condition.  It has actually been in my father's collection since the mid 70's.

Price: $1,395

Police Bayonet – Carl Eickhorn

This Police Bayonet is equipped with solid nickel mounts throughout. The detail to the eagle head pommel, eye and feathering below is still excellent. . The smooth area on the quillion bears inscriptiuon "L. Ko163".  The grip plates are a very pleasing tan color stag.  The scabbard is a dark brown leather and it shows some normall age and wear but is still in great condition. The frog is a very fine brown example still being in excellent plus condition. This frog is stamped on the back, "H?????  Berlin".  The reverse side of the blade is stamped with the large double oval circle used prior to 1933. These large double ovals contain the firm’s name and location, “Carl Eickhorn Solingen”. Inside is a seated squirrel with serrated tail holding a nut in his paws. The animal is positioned over the firm’s initials, “C.E.”.  This is out of my personal collection and comes with the correct portepee but I just don't know how to tie it correctly so it is not currently on the bayonet.  Great example of this type of bayonet.

Price:. $895

2nd Model Naval Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This Eickhorn 2nd Model Naval Dagger is a textbook example with a highest quality hilt and scabbard. The pommel shows little wear and has fine detailing throughout.  The off-white celluloid over wood grip is in perfect condition throughout. It is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire. The original-to-the-piece aluminum portepee is still in place. The scabbard is also in fine condition. There are no dents and the obverse retains about 80% of the original gilding. The reverse shows some wear to the gilding between the carrying bands as well as a small amount to the lower portion of the scabbard. The gilding here is about 70% intact. The carrying bands are decorated with outstanding overlapping oak leaves and acorns.  The double etched blade of this dagger is in mint condition. It is completely mirror-bright with a fine, needle-like tip and retains 100% of the frosting behind the etch. The fouled anchor motif really jumps off the blade and is among the best you will ever see. The reverse ricasso of the blade is stamped with the “Over the Shoulder” Eickhorn Squirrel trademark first used in 1941, and the original brown felt blade buffer is in place.  A very fine Eickhorn Naval Dagger here.

Again, this dagger has been in my father's collection since the 1970's

Price: $1,395

Red Cross Officer's Dagger

This Red Cross Officer's Dagger is in very fine overall condition. The pommel is still nice and crisp throughout its edges. The crossguard is an excellent depiction with its oval disks on each side. The reverse disk is plain and the obverse disk features a half closed-winged eagle clutching a cross in his talons. There is a raised out mobile swastika on the bird’s chest. The grip is a fine deep orange color and is in perfect condition though very slightly loose.  The scabbard has good nickel finish throughout.  The plating is very good throughout having a little bit of age. The scabbard pebbling is still nice and crisp and has near 95% plating. The photos show one area where the plating has worn off.  The blade is nice and bright throughout. This blade remains in mint condition having only the normal runner marks on the ricasso area. The blade is unmarked. This blade is protected by an in place black leather buffer.  It is not too common to find these bring backs with the hangers still attached.   A nice Red Cross dagger here again from my father's collection.

Price: $1,895